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FROM: Jon Tompkins and Kathryn Alice Wednesday, 11 a.m.

We are writing this from Bali, looking out on a beautiful, turquoise water beach, a volcano, surfers, sailboats and palm trees. Later, we're going snorkeling, swimming and will enjoy an open air, oceanside dinner with our children. Our laundry, cooking and cleaning are done for us, and we will be in Mauritius next month.

What if you could work ANYWHERE YOU WANT and set yourself up so you're only working a few hours a day or perhaps even just a couple of days a week?

What if YOU could travel the Globe, living more grandly and cheaply than you do at home and living off an income that is VIRTUAL?

What if you could have a steady stream of passive income within just a month or two?

What if your life could become an endless series of swim-up bars, lagoon pools, live bands, waterslides and resort living?

It's not that hard to set up this lifestyle, which we call The Portable Lifestyle™.

Many people just assume that it's necessary to have a fixed location and feel tied down to their job or business and their mundane everyday life. They're bored and think that maybe someday they can travel the way they want to and see what they want to see.

Does that sound like you? Are you sick of your routine, of the same old, same old, but feel locked into your life as it is now?

Do you agree with us that a week or two a year is not enough for you to really experience a vacation destination?

Are you waiting for retirement to truly live the life you want?

The fact is that times have changed. And with modern technology, you can unplug and live anywhere to work and make money on the web. It is taking a LONG TIME for people to truly GET just how free they could be these days.

It's time that people catch up with the times and realize just how free they really can be.

You can begin shaping your life into a dream-come-true RIGHT AWAY with a minimum of effort, just some fine-tuning here and there to turn your situation from feeling trapped to one of freedom to be wherever you want and still make money.

You can choose to make money in the highest-valued currency areas so that your income allows you to live like a king in less-expensive areas where your dollars, euros, or pounds go FAR.

AND you can go to the places YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED to go while still making money and doing business. Instead of a short vacation, you can stay a month or even half a year to really soak up the place.

You can travel at will, exploring the Planet.

And you can live at vacation resorts all-year-round should you choose!

We set ourselves up for this life in just THREE MONTHS and then set off toTRAVEL THE GLOBE.

*** We're not independently wealthy *** but even as we travel, our income continues to increase and our workload shrinks. All of our money comes over the web so we don't have to worry about finding a job anywhere and are completely free to be where we want with no reliance on a local economy.

If the thought of taking off and being free to roam the Earth is attractive, then you can decide right now that you're going to go in that direction.

Now is your chance to take the FIRST STEP toward creating this life, and it is FREE!

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  • Discover why living this life can not only cut your expenses in half but increase your income every month, all while you are enjoying beautiful vacation spots
  • See every place you've always wanted to see, not just for a couple of weeks but for months, if you want
  • Understand why you can do this even if you are now a full-time employee, even if you have kids or obligations at home that you feel keep you from taking off
  • Open up to creating this new life for yourself in a few days or months
  • This teleseminar includes teaching time, real-life stories of people who have done this, Q & A and concrete facts to help you get going quickly
  • We are not talking about pie in the sky. This is something you can accomplish in your own life NOW. Many are doing it, and so can you. Why wait for retirement to live your dream?

Join us for this hour that will change your life forever! We look forward to having you join us in The Portable Lifestyle™.

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Abundant Travels,
          Kathryn & Jon

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Jon Tompkins & Kathryn Alice are married with four children. They have been traveling internationally since October 2007, having spent between one and six months in each of more than 20 tropical countries. They run successful internet businesses as well as a consulting business. It took them just a few months to get ready to go, and they have already shepherded others into this lifestyle. Accomplished speakers and writers, they have co-created bestselling products together and their work has been featured in Psychology Today, Parade, The New York Times, Body+Soul, Newsweek and on Montel Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, KXLU & KPFK radio, and NBC television.